Working a 24

Yesterday was a very interesting experience. I worked a 24 hour shift 8am Wednesday through 8am Thursday. Is that today? Wow! Yep! It really turned out to be a great experience hosting Safe Haven homeless in our building this week. We have 3 more nights to go yet. They sleep right in the gym on cots. Lots of great folks from our congregation and other local churches are pitching in and serving to make this possible.

Yesterday, I mentioned Randy cutting their hair. It was really cool. They were so would have thought that he had given them a million bucks. 8 of 15 got their haircut. I wanted to share a picture with you. Saw a couple regular readers at the church tonight. They remarked that I had not posted today...they thought I was asleep all day. I wish. I was lucky enough to get a morning nap. My bed is calling me soon!